Our Engineering

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Using modern design automation tools, intelligent material selection, and input from working surgical pathologists, we produced a series of prototypes, which were iteratively refined through an extensive program of mechanical, electromechanical, and user testing.

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Over three years, a series of prototypes was subjected to extensive in-house mechanical and electromechanical testing, followed by rigorous testing in working surgical pathology laboratories.  Feedback from this testing led to the final design, which was validated by use in additional working surgical pathology laboratories.



We produce all of our products in-house. That means the customer can trust each and every component is built to our exacting specifications. 


Design Highlight

Feedback control, using 75 kHz real-time monitoring of force by our adipoTrac(TM) smart sensor, delivers compressive force uniformly across the entire specimen, with reproducibility of +/- 1.5% from sample to sample.